220px-American bulldog

American Bulldog.

The Bulldog also known as "The feresest dogs" can make really good  pets. To get one, you'll need to be really good owner.

Owning one of these kind of dog breed, isn't as easy as it looks. If you're looking out to find a bulldog you'll need to be the best, greatest pet owner in the galaxy.

But there is some other people who decline this type of dog breed. They can bite really bad and could probably overweigh you a whole bunch.

So, When you're an owner of a 0- 2 year bulldog owner, Teach it to teeth on toys instead of you.

The colours this breed is avalible in are: Fawn & white, red, brindle & white, grey brindle, red & white and fawn. 

Other namesEdit

This dog does have other names, such as:

  • English Bulldog
  • French Bulldog
  • American Bulldog 
  • Olde English Bulldog 

Health problemsEdit

This breed's smushed in face causes it to have breathing problems. Some bulldogs have small windpipes.

Poor eyesight, very sensitive to hot weather indoors or out, sensitive to the cold, mass tumors, skin infections, knee and hip problems and prone towards flatulence are other problems. 

When female Bulldogs give birth, they often have caesarian section because of it having weak labors. 

Life Expectancy Edit

8 - 12 years. 



English Bulldog

Friendly, docile, willful. They may look tough, but they're actually real softies like any other breed.


This breed's origin occurs in England, United Kingdom. 


Height: 12--16 in (31 - 40 cm) 

Weight: males 53 - 55 pounds (24 -- 25 kg)  Females 49 -- 51 pounds (22 --23 kg)


  • Bulldogs are a talented type of dog breed.