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Sprinkles, Gir1236's Tortoiseshell Cat.


God invented the cat so that man would have a tiger to caress in his home. - Victor HugoEdit


Cuddly velvet paws.

More than five million cats live in households, most of these are house cats. Cat lovers are inspired by the variety.

Unlike bred pedigree cats, nobody knows exactly what is in each house cat. Each cat looks different and the character of the cats is never predictable.

With regard to the origin of the house cat one suspect that they originate from the wild cat, namely the Nubian wild cat. Around 4000 years ago, they befriended humans in Egypt and became house pets. Through their enthusiasm in hunting mice the tiny hunters kept the grain stores of the people free from mice. This was why they were revered by the Egyptians.

Gradually, the tame animals reached the entire world with seafarers from Egypt. While house cat was used earlier as a mice catcher, today it is more of a companion for people. This is not difficult for the small predators because their trustworthiness and purity makes them agreeable house companions.

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