The Colourpoint were formerly known as the Khmer Cat and is known in the USA as the Himalayan, resulted from a breeding of Siamese and Persian cats.


The cat's origin has nothing to do with either the Cambodian people or with the Himalayas. The first bred were in 1930s in the USA, and they were recognised in Europe in the mid-1950. Most nowadays are still can be found on the North American continent.


Colourpoint have the same longhaired coat and the same large to medium-large physique as Persian cats. The shape of the head, legs, paws and tail are also evidence of their relationship to Persians.

Their Siamese heritage gives them their colour shadings and the markings on their coats.

Behavioural traitsEdit

Another trait inherited from the Siamese are the Colourpoints' bright, shining deep blue eyes. They are livelier and more frisky than Persians, affection but not as loud and boisterous as Siamese.

A Colourpoint is an ideal family cat that this breed is quite amenable to children and other house pets.