Man's best friend.

The ancient ancestor of the house dogs known today is the wolf, which you can still see in some dog breeds, such as the Alaskan Huskie or the German Shepherd.

For 12,000 years, man and dog have lived together, this is evident in stone age drawings showing dogs and people playing together.

This development was always different in various parts of the world, however, there was a benefit to both man and dog in this coexistence.

The dogs received the leftover food from the humans, who in turn enjoyed the protection through the presence of the dogs.

Due to its protector instinct and its extremely pronounced sense of smell and hearing the dog offers various types of help to humans.

Whether as guard dog, search dog, guide dog, watchdog, tracker dog or sled dog.

The most important role of the dog however is being an ally and a true friend of humans.

List of dog breeds Edit

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