Great Dane

The Great Dane is a giant powerful dog. Square in body (but females may be slightly longer than tall) The long head is rectangular in shape.

The muzzle is deep and the nose is black, blue/black. The dark, deep set eyes are medium in size. The ears are also medium in size, set high on it's head and are either cropped or left natural.

If left natural, the ears are folded forward hanging close to the cheek. When cropped (see picture to the right) they stand erect and are large in proportion to the rest of the head.

The coat of a Dane is short and thick. Colors include: brindle, black, fawn, blue, mantle harlequin and chocolate.


Overall the Great Dane has a pretty good disposition as it is often referred to as the "gentle giant".  Danes are very affectionate and charming dogs.

They are playful and patient with children so they make good family pets. It loves everyone but it also needs to be around people.

The Great Dane doesn't bark much and only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it. Danes do not stay little for long so early training is a must.

Start enforcing rules from puppyhood to avoid future unruly behavior problems.


Height: Males 30 -34 inches (76 -86 cm)  Females 28 -32 inches (71- 81 cm) 

Weight: Males 120- 200 lbs (54 -90 kg)   Females 100- 130 lbs (49 -59 kg)

  • Dogs of even larger size are more prized

Health ProblemsEdit

Prone to hip dysplasia, bloat, heart disease, and tail injuries. Prone to mast cell tumors. Jogging is not recommended until the dog is at least one year old but walking is necessary.

Not a long- lived breed.

Living ConditionsEdit

The Great Dane will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is not very active indoors and does best with a large yard.


The Great Dane needs plenty of exercise. It needs to be taken on a daily long walk.

Life ExpectancyEdit

The average is under 10 years, however some can live to be 12- 13 years old.


The smooth, short haired coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush and dry shampoo when necessary.

Bathing is a major chore so it pays to avoid the need by daily grooming. The nails must be kept trimmed. This breed is an average shedder.


The Great Dane is a very old breed known as the "Apollo of all dogs". Dogs resembling the Dane have appeared on Greek currency dating back to 36 B.C.

There are also drawings of these dogs on Egyptian monuments from roughly 3000 B.C. These dogs were admired for their ability to bring down bears and wild boars.

Some say that the Great Dane is a mixture of a Wolfhound and an English Mastiff. Besides hunting, Danes were also used as estate gaurd dogs. 


Mastiff, AKC, Working


  • Despite the fact that they are called "Danes" in English, they have nothing to do with Denmark.
  • The Great Dane was recognized as a breed in 1887
  • Some of the Dane's talents include: tracking, watchdog and carting.P