The lush, warm temperature of the rainforest not only supports a rich vegetation, it is also home to around 50 million species of animals, which includes reptiles, birds, mammals, fish and insects. Some of the world's most beautiful and spectacular animal species are found here. Some of the most colourful birds are also found here.

Orang utansEdit

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Orang utans are native to the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. It is the largest tree-living mammal. 

Common names: Borneon orangutan; Orangoutan de Borneo (Fr)

Scientific names: Pongo Pygmaeus

Location: Borneo (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Population: 45,000 - 69,000 wild individuals

Status: Endangered (EN)

Social structureEdit

Adult orangutans are generally solitary, although temporary aggregations are occasionally formed. 

Although arboreal, Bornean orangutans (especially adult males) more often descend to the ground than Sumatran orangutans.

Life CycleEdit

The age of first reproduction for females is around 10-15 years of age, but there may be differences between the subspecies. The inter-birth interval can be as low as 5 years in high-quality habitats.


About 60% of the orangutan's diet comes from fruit, with the rest comprising young leaves and shoots, insects, soil, tree bark, woody lianas, and occasionally eggs and small vertebrates.