The Persian is the most popular pedigree cat in North America if not the world. The Persian comes in two types: show and traditional.

All Persians have round heads, thick fur, small ears, flat nose, big round eyes, broad short bodies, and a thick plume of a tail.

Persians make good choices for cat shows.



Persians are gentle, quiet cats who enjoy serene environments and people who treat them kindly. Unlike most athletic cats, they prefer lounging than running.

It is wise to make sure that small children treat this cat with the gentle respect he deserves.

Activity LevelEdit

Persian Cat

Persians are more of a lazy breed. There were meant for appearance and companionship.

They are probably the only breed that requires little activity but they do like to play and they absolutely adore human attention and companionship. Persians are the stereotypical lap cat.

==Behavioral Traits==

Persians are very adaptable to change, good with children, good with other pets (this includes dogs), picky eaters, can't be left alone for long periods of time, and are generally described as quiet.  

Persians have so much hair they can't keep it clean themselves. They need owner assistance to keep their luxurious pelts clean.



Persians take their names from the country they originated from:Persia (which is present day Iran).

They became popular pets in mid animal-mad Victorian Britain and were seen at the very first cat shows in that country. Persians have always been bred to have round heads, short faces, snub noses, chubby cheeks, and a short body.

But over time those features have become exaggerated. As a result the Persian has been split into two types.

Health ProblemsEdit

Kidney disease, PRA, HMC, bladder stones, bladder infections, and liver shunts are hereditary diseases found in Persians.  In Persians, PRA causes vision problems early on in their life. Persians should be healthy and vigorous. Many flat faced breeds are prone to overheating. Very stressful conditions can cause early death or heart diseases for this breed.



  • The Persian has a sweet, gentle personality and is a quiet companion.
  • The Persian has a long flowing coat that must be groomed daily.
  • The Persian is an old breed,but little is known about its history