General RulesEdit

  1. Respect other editors
  2. Do not vandalize current articles. Continuous vandalisim will result in a block. 
  3. Make quality edits All users are expected to contribute useful information to the Wiki rather than just chatering. Public forums for this purpose already exist and we are not equipped to such activity.
  4. When writing a blog post, stay on topic. Only post about topics relating to the subject of the wiki. Personal thoughts about pets,or any animal is allowed. Any blog post not relating to the subject of the wiki will result in immediate termination.
  5. Please stay on the task of creating an encyclopedia. You can chat with other users about Animal Central wiki related topics on their user talk pages. 
  6. Animal Central Wiki is not a blog, web space provider, or a social networking site: You may not under any circumstances host, advertise or promote your own blog, wiki, or website on Animal Central wiki unless you are requesting and affilliation.
  7. When creating pages, you must include factual information about the topic. Use a reliable source of information and do not fill up a page with your personal opinions. Also make sure you acutally write about the topic of the page. Dont just write one or two lines and publish. *This applies for blog posts as well.
  8. Make sure your source of information is not biased (meaning: the source is not siding with one opinion but is giving clear and neutral information.)
  9. Do Not make any Spams.

Animal Central RulesEdit

  1. Do not create other users for yourself
  2. No spamming
  3. Dont insert false information
  4. Do not curse or troll frequently

Chat roomEdit

In the chatroom, keep conversations or debates specifically to the Wiki topic. If you must speak about wiki issues do it during PM or forums

Blog postsEdit

You should not post any comments after a discussion has clearly ended. Dont create useless blog posts. Blogs using fowl launguage,  or not pretaining to the wiki will result in a deletetion. Blog posts that also dont actaully talk about the topic will fist be given a warning. If not fixed after a certain amount of time, will result in deletion eventaully.